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Ancestral Tablet (神主牌)

An ancestral tablet is a form of ancestral worship that has been practised since ancient times. Those days, and even today there are still people practising it to have ancestral tablets at home. It is also part of the filial piety values that we have in Chinese families.

In modern days, especially for people that living in the city, life is so hectic or busy. People will have less time or extra space at home to honour their ancestors.

This is where Nirvana come into the picture, we offer the solution to our customer by offering Ancestral tablets in our memorial parks.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih Ancestral Tablet

Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih – Main Temple and Ancestral Tablets

In Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih, we have Ancestral Tablets in our multi-purpose complex with prices ranging from RM 6,800 to RM 13,800 as of writing.

Shah Alam Memorial Park Ancestral Tablet

Shah Alam Memorial Park – LG of Ming Palace 3

In Shah Alam Memorial Park, we have Ancestral Tablets in Tang Villa 2 and also LG of Ming Palace 3. And the prices ranging from RM 6,800 to RM 16,800 as of writing.

Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur Ancestral Tablet

NCKL Temple with Ancestral Tablets

In Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur, we have Ancestral Tablets in the main temple area. And the prices ranging from RM 18,800 to RM 21,800 as of writing.

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