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Nirvana Columbarium

A columbarium is a place where the remains of the deceased are housed. We call this place the permanent home for their remains. A columbarium is made up of many niches, and these niches keep the urns where we keep the ashes from cremated remains. And we have columbariums in all our sites in Central Region.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih Columbarium

Oriental Villa Columbarium

Below are the columbariums for Buddhist/Taoism available on our Semenyih site.

  • Oriental Villa 2 and Oriental Villa 3
  • Ji Le Dian
  • Chen Foh Chong

For Christian/Catholic, we have the following.

  • Block Ephesians
  • Block Philippians
  • Block Eternal Suite (New Launch)

And Semenyih is the only site that we have columbarium for Soka Gakkai

  • Oriental Villa 1

Nirvana Memorial Park Klang Columbarium

NIrvana Klang Main Temple
Nirvana Klang Main Temple

Currently, we only launched columbariums for Buddhist/Taoism in Nirvana Klang.

  • Gratitude Suite (感恩阁)
  • Hall A Main Temple: Block A
  • Hall B Main Temple: Suite 2

Shah Alam Memorial Park Columbarium

Ming Palace 3

Below are the columbariums for Buddhist/Taoism.

  • Ming Palace 1
  • Ming Palace 2
  • Ming Palace 3
  • Tang Villa 1
  • Tang Villa 2
  • Song Villa (New Launch)
  • Heritage Court

For Christian/Catholic columbarium, currently, we only have the below.

  • Perpetual Garden

Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok Columbarium

nirvana ijok columbarium

Below are the columbariums for Buddhist/Taoism.

  • Standard Niche
  • Premium Niche

Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur Columbarium

NCKL buddhist columbarium and niches
NCKL Buddhist Columbarium

Below are the columbariums for Buddhist/Taoism.

  • Hall A: A1-S1, A1-S2, A1-S3, A1-S6, A1-S7, A1-S10
  • Hall B: B1-S2 to S6, B1-S7 to S10, B1-S11 to S20, B2-S3, B2-S5, B2-S8, B2-S9
  • Hall D

Below are the columbariums for Christian/Catholics.

  • Hall A: A1-S9
  • Hall B: B1-S1, B1-S21, B2-S6, B2-S7

Below are the columbariums for Freethinker.

  • Hall A: A1-S8, A1-S11, A1-S12

Rhyme of Life, library-like theme

  • Hall A: A2-S1

Different Types of Columbaria

Generally in Nirvana, we have few types of columbaria. There is no one that is better compare to the other, it depends on your liking, preference and budget.

Ming Palace in our Shah Alam Memorial Park is the luxury columbarium. It was built with -star design with inspiration from Lingshan Brahma Palace in China. The design especially in Ming Palace 3 is just stunning.

Columbarium in NCKL is the modern type of columbarium. The modern design and the strategic location that is near Bukit Bintang is why our customers choose it to be the final resting home. It is convenient for the next younger generation to come for prayer, with fully air-conditional and location that near the town, their children can go for the mall or food after the prayer.

Ancient Chinese architecture columbarium is what Oriental Villa in Nirvana Memorial Garden (NMG), Semenyih based on. The multi-million ringgit investment is a signature masterpiece of NMG, Semenyih. The beautiful surrounding of greenery, water feature and sounds from the bird make it a peaceful environment.

Christian columbarium is simple yet modern, especially fully airconditioned columbarium in our NCKL, which give you a sense of peace. Perpetual Garden columbarium in Shah Alam Memorial Park with the open concept, suitable for those that prefer natural ventilation.

Our latest concept is the Rhyme of Life in NCKL, it is a modern concept that doesn’t even look like a place with niches when you walk in. It looks like a library, and each book is a storage that you can keep something memorable. There is a 5 books niche which can occupy max. 2 person and 7 books niche which can occupy max. of 4 people.

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