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Feng Shui Sheng Ji with NV Seed

Most people will have heard of Yang House Feng Shui, but only a few know that it was originated from Yin House Feng Shui. Yin House Feng Shui was applied by the emperor back in the Chinese dynasty era. The emperor find a good land with excellent feng shui applied the Yin House Feng Shui to ensure the prosperity and longevity of their empires.

Regardless of Yang House or Yin House Feng Shui, both also focusing on harvesting the auspicious energies or good “Qi” from the surrounding environment. Once the DNA (bones) of the ancestors receive the good “Qi”, it will benefit the next generations to come.

For Sheng Ji, as it is for living so we will use your personal items such as clothing, shoes, socks, and DNA like your hair and fingernails. With the Living Tomb ( 生基 ), the good and auspicious energies will directly bring the effects to enhance your wealth, health, vitality, and longevity.

Literally, translate 種生基 to English which means Plant (種) Living (生) Foundation (基). Which means planting a living foundation for your destiny.

Burial Plot for Sheng Ji

How about for the living? How can I benefit now from this amazing Yin House Feng Shui? It is called the Sheng Ji (生基) or Living Tomb. There are two ways to go about it. The first way is to pre-plan a burial land either in Nirvana Semenyih or Nirvana Klang, as both memorial parks also with good Feng Shui elements. Then build the feng shui tomb and engaged a sifu to do the date selection and tombstone alignment based on your birth date and time. This is make more sense as eventually in the future when depart from this world, can use the same burial plot. But it requires more money in both the land and the feng shui tomb. And for a customer that goes with interest-free installment, got to wait for installment completed before can start the 生基.

NV Seed for Sheng Ji

nirvana memorial garden semenyih sheng ji

The second way is to do the Sheng Ji at NV Seed. It is much faster, as first the price as at writing, is only RM 20K per plot. And it comes with the Dragon Turtle stone (龙龟) (we do not need to build the feng shui tomb). And you can engage a sifu to the calculation, date selection, and the alignment of the Dragon Turtle to get the best “Qi”. Alternatively, there is a group ceremony of Sheng Ji per year, where the sifu will choose a general good date and it is free.

Currently, we have the NV Seed in Nirnava Memorial Garden, Semenyih. If you want to explore more, let’s have a chat.

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