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Golden Harvest Reward

The Golden Harvest Reward is a time-limited reward scheme for selected loyal customers & selected purchases

In conjunction with Nirvana Asia’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, Nirvana Asia is presenting selected loyal customers and selected purchases with Golden Harvest Rewards: an exclusive reward to enjoy potential returns for a total of 30 years – TOTALLY FREE!  

The Golden Harvest Reward is not for sale and is given to customers who fulfill set criteria for free.  The two ways to qualify for the Golden Harvest Reward (GHR):

  • Fully and Prompt Payment
  • Purchase selected Nirvana products

 Benefits of Golden Harvest Reward

  • 100% risk-free – you are not paying for GHR
  • Reward period over 30 years
  • Estimated bonus is 400% of the original product value

For detailed information about getting this exclusive reward, give me a call and I’ll share with you the types of products you can purchase to reap a return of up to 400%, totally risk-free.

golden harvest reward nirvana

Golden Harvest Reward is NOT FOR SALE and is given to customers who purchase selected Nirvana products. The Golden Harvest Reward by Nirvana Asia is managed by RHB Trustees who will be responsible for receiving the rewards and will be distributed to the respective customers every year for 30 years.

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