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Nirvana Business Partner Programme

Build A New Exciting & Fulfilling Career

Nirvana Business Partner Program

Build Your New Source of Income with Nirvana

Starting a new business to earn a new source of income is not as easy as it sounds. There are a variety of factors to consider in starting any type of business today, including a sizeable capital, the right product, the right timing, the right people etc. Below are some areas you need to consider to kickstart a successful business:

  • Good products/services to sell
  • Good products/services that are not easily affected by the economic situation
  • A market that you can compete in
  • Capital to keep stocks, operating expenses for store, office, staff and etc.
  • A proven system / Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Support Team
  • A good mentor, especially if you are new

Good Product & Services Backed By An Established Company

What do good products or services mean to you? One of the best products/services to sell is the one that is not affected by the economic situation. At Nirvana, we have many good and sellable products such as niches, burial land, ancestor tablets, and many more. Our Professional Funeral Service Offering (Nirvana Life Plan) is also a well-established service in the market, which is well sought after and sells very easily. As an established bereavement service provider, Nirvana’s track of record and service quality requires little introduction and can be easily sold to the right target market.

My late mum and mother-in-law’s funeral memorial services were professionally handled by Nirvana Care, and that is what started my journey in this business. Their professionalism in handling the wake service and good advisory gave us peace of mind in making sure that we handled our loved one’s last journey with dignity.

Nirvana Asia Group (富貴集团) is the largest integrated pre-planning death care service provider in Asia* and was established in 1990. With more than 3 decades of experience (at the time of writing), Nirvana is now celebrating its 30th year anniversary and is rewarding its new customers with free units of Golden Harvest Reward (GHR) for every purchase of its products & services.

According to statistics, the Chinese population in Selangor is about 26% of the total population of 8,700,000 which are 2,262,000 people. And out of the 2 million over the Chinese population, only 5% have done their final journey pre-planning. Potentially there is an untapped market of over 96% of potential customers that are waiting to be sold the idea of pre-planning!

Tap into the strength of Nirvana Asia, with a good brand, stellar products, services, support, and system – all it needs is YOU. There is no capital outlay to keep stocks, staffing, offices – so your investment is solely your time and effort. This is a true Zero Investment Cost to get started. The joining fee is a mere RM120 to get you started.

We have a proven sales system, SOP, and a big team/family to make sure you are not alone in your journey to build your extra income, to build a new road towards your own business.

When you join, you will start out as a Service Advisor. With experience, you can build a team and be promoted to Service Director, and then to District Service DIrector and so on. How high you want to go, you have the power to decide.

Why Join Us, The Top Group Big Family

  • Professional training courses both offline and online by Nirvana
  • Professional training courses both offline and online by Top Group Agency
  • Site Training by Top Group Agency
  • Top Group In-House Support
  • Good Income – it is depends on how much you want to earn it
  • Sustainable career
  • Flexible working hours (full-time or part-time)

What Can Extra Income Do For You?

Do you feel with extra income, especially in this current situation of yours,
will help a lot to reduce the burden?

Do you feel with more income, you can have a better life for yourself and your loved one?
Do you want it badly enough?

If your answer is YES for the above, contact me NOW for more information
on this opportunity at no obligation.

We Believe In You, I Belive You can!

Bryan Koh

WHY Join Us, The Top Group

For upcoming Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP), kindly contact us now.

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