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Nirvana Life Plan
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Here are frequently asked questions about Nirvana Life Plan funeral packages. We have compiled a list of questions from prospective customers and customers so that you can cross-reference with it prior to contacting us.

Pre-Plan vs As-Need (Immediate Use)
Yes. Funeral packages are available for the purpose of immediate use. Family members are advised to immediately call us for immediate advisory and attention. Nirvana’s professional service team is available 24 hours 365 days a year.  We will meet up with you urgently to discuss the next steps and run through a checklist with you to ensure that all preparations are in order.

What are the benefits of buying prior to actual use?
When you make a purchase, you lock the price of the funeral package of choice.  Everything that you are paying for will be listed in the legally binding purchase order.  You hedge the price against future inflation and price revisions – so the earlier you purchase, the better price you avail.

How to get a list of items included in each funeral package?
Feel free to download the full list of items included in each funeral package by filling up the form in each of the packages.  When you fill up the form, be sure to key in the correct email address. An email with the link to download the brochure will be sent to your provided email address.  If you need clarification or have further questions, feel free to contact us below.

How do I compare each funeral package?
Yes, we do.  Head to the pricing page, go right to the bottom of the page and fill-up the form to download the comparison chart.   

What are the payment options?
Pre-Plan entitles you to a 0% interest-free installment plan so you only need to pay an initial payment (check with us for the amount as it differs) on purchase.  Alternatively, you can also make full payment via online transfer, cheque, or credit card.  
For urgent, emergency, and immediate use, full payment is required.  You can pay via online transfer or credit card.  
All payments will be made to Nirvana Care and as such your payments will be accompanied by official receipts upon submission to Nirvana’s counter service. Let us know your preferred payment option and we will assist you.

I have a special request…
Nirvana’s professional service team will speak to family members prior to the commencement of the wake service.  This is to ensure that we cover all your expectations, questions, and special request if any.  If you require to make any changes or have special needs, do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.  

Funeral service for no religion / Atheist / religion-free
For atheist, religion-free, or no religion, you can opt for NV Memory.

I need clarification and need to speak to someone
Give us a call.  We are available 24 hours a day. If for any reason we are not reachable, drop us a WhatsApp and we will revert soonest we can.

Why is the pre-plan price different from what I already know?
Pre-plan prices can change from month to month due to promotions, rebates, and special offers by Nirvana. All prices we inform you of are officially approved by Nirvana with no mark-up/add-ons/changes. All payments you make towards your Nirvana Life Plan purchases will be made directly to Nirvana Care and not any other third party. An official receipt will be issued to you once payment is received by Nirvana.
Should any discrepancy occurs, the final price/specification by Nirvana Asia prevails.

How are you affiliated with Nirvana?
I am an authorized agent of Nirvana Asia, with Agency 1506.  Nirvana does not sell directly to end consumers and focuses on delivering high-quality services and products.  As an agent, I focus on providing customers with consultancy, advisory, and ensure your smooth journey in purchasing any Nirvana product. I look forward to assisting you.

Contact Your Friendly Advisor, Bryan
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013-321 9901 – Call
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