Nirvana Life Plan – NV Blessing

NV Blessings is a basic funeral service package for small funeral wake services.

◾️ 3 Days 2 Nights Funeral Service
◾️ Basic Package
◾️ Christian / Catholic
◾️ At Home / At Nirvana’s Funeral Parlor
◾️ Cremation / Burial
◾️ Immediate User RM14,700*
◾️ Pre-Planning Discounted Price
◾️ Massive Savings for Pre-Planning
◾️ Interest-Free Installment

◾️ Consultation – 24 Hour Careline
◾️ Embalming, Handling & Enconffinment Service
◾️ Preparation for Memorial Ceremony
◾️ Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
◾️ Funeral Procession Service

List of all Nirvana Life Plan (Funeral Service Package)

Buddhist / Taoist
NV Honour: List Price RM43,700
NV Elegant Plus: List Price RM 35,800
NV Elegant: List Price RM30,700
NV Harmony: List Price RM18,800

Christian / Catholic
NV Gracious: List Price RM21,700
NV Blessing: List Price RM14,700

Soka Gakkai / Religion-Free
NV Gracious: List Price RM21,700

why nirvana life plan |

Why Choose Nirvana Life Plan (NLP)?

  • 24-Hour Careline
  • Over 30 years of experience in bereavement services
  • Public listed company with trust fund by RHB Trustee Berhad
  • Conversant in different bereavement traditions & cultures
  • Integrated bereavement care provider
  • Special request & requirements can be discussed
  • Upgrade options are available
  • Transparent pricing & item listings

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