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Nirvana Memorial Park in Klang
(富貴山莊 巴生)

The newest addition to the Nirvana Memorial Park in the Central region (Selangor/Kuala Lumpur) is the Nirvana Memorial Park in Klang. Set on a 220-acre land in Puncak Alam/Klang area, Nirvana Klang is surrounded by rolling hills and man-made water features, with superb Feng Shui elements. In terms of size, it is smaller in comparison to Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih, which currently is the largest memorial park in Asia. Nirvana Klang is endowed with superb geomancy features – with rolling hills that are clearly visible from the burial plots and the man-made waterway that will grace the edges of the area.

Burial land and new niches in columbariums are now open for booking.

Key Features of Nirvana Memorial Park Klang

temple of three saints nirvana klang
Temple of Three Saints at Nirvana Klang

Superb Feng Shui Elements

Nirvana Memorial Park Klang is blessed with the presence of both red and yellow soil – two auspicious colors that symbolize prosperity in Feng Shui’s definition.

The land is filled with vibrant Chi, a sign of full and prosperous life.  Energized by the mountains and waterways surrounding the memorial park, Nirvana Klang is an eternal resting place perfect for descendants to reap good fortune, prosperity, abundance, and blessings from departed loved ones and ancestors.

Peaceful & Tranquil Environment
in a Strategic Location

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Nirvana Klang is a symbol of peace, serene, and tranquility.  It is easily accessible via well-maintained roads and expressways.

Situated in Puncak Alam, it is only a 30-minute drive from Klang and Setia Alam. In terms of distance, it is just a mere 25 to 45 minutes from major areas within Selangor & Kuala Lumpur. Very accessible via major highways and well-connected roads.

nirvana klang columbarium
The Columbarium
Nirvana Klang Memorial Park
Burial plots for Buddhist/Taoist and Christian/Catholic faith

Burial Land for Buddhist/Taoist & Christian/Catholic

Burial land for different faiths is available in separate zones.  The Christian Memorial Park zone in Klang is a graceful eternal resting place with a layout and design that are befitting for the Christian religion. The Buddhist / Taoist burial land covers a few zones – choice land is available as new zones are being opened up for booking.  Currently available are single burial plots, double burial plots, family burial plots, and royal family burial plots.

Single burial land can accommodate the burial of a single person, while double burial land can accommodate a maximum of two. Family burial plots can accommodate one, two, or more (maximum capacity depends on size). The larger burial lands (Royal Burial Land) can also accommodate the building of structures, subject to approval by Nirvana.

If you are looking to build a custom final resting place, drop an inquiry and we will give you the necessary information to kick start the planning.

Columbarium for Buddhist/Taoist & Christian/Catholic faiths

There are different zones or rooms for Buddhist/Taoist and Christian/Catholic (future launch) columbariums. Each features design elements for different faiths.

Check out Gratitude Suite columbarium and the columbarium in the main building. Hall A columbarium features aethetically-pleasant niches in open-air environment with amazing view of the surroundings. Hall B columbarium features premium niches in fully air-conditioned surroundings with modern designs.

nirvana klang columbarium
Arist impression of Hall B columbarium
nirvana klang columbarium

Perpetual Maintenance Fund

Nirvana maintains a perpetual maintenance trust fund to ensure that Nirvana Memorial Park Klang’s building, facilities, and burial grounds are kept in good condition perpetually. This includes the general cleanliness of the memorial park and amenities, landscaping, and 24-hour security.  The prices of all Nirvana’s burial plot or niches (in a columbarium) includes a small fee of the perpetual maintenance fund for the upkeep of these properties.

One-Of-A-Kind Stupa

Nirvana Klang Memorial Park features a unique and one-of-a-kind Stupa. The location of the Stupa is in the middle of the entire land. The Stupa is a sacred place that gathers all divine blessings. This is a must-see and a must-visit attraction for all who visit Nirvana Klang Memorial Park (Puncak Alam).

Once completed, the Stupa is accessible via a short walk from the main temple or via a drive. The surrounding of the Stupa is premium burial land – currently sold out. If you are keen on burial land in the vicinity of the Stupa, drop us an inquiry and we will assist you.

Over 30 Years Track of Record in End-To-End Bereavement Services

Nirvana has both experience and expertise in managing end-to-end bereavement services. Nirvana’s first memorial park in Semenyih which was built 30 years ago has set a benchmark in bereavement services. Nirvana Semenyih has immaculate upkeep and has since grown into the largest memorial park in Asia. Nirvana has proven its ability to manage and maintain its properties with a proven track record from all its previous memorial parks and columbarium.

nirvana klang stupa
nirvana three deity temple klang

Three-Deity Temple

The Three-Deity temple is located in the main building once it is completed. It is the center of attraction of Nirvana Klang.  Standing majestically in the middle of the temple is a column filled with Buddha statues, and the ceiling is crafted with exquisite Buddha motifs to usher in more divine blessings.  

On top of that, the merciful four-faced Guanyin statue stands majestically in front of the Three-Deity temple with a flowing waterway beneath that symbolizes endless wisdom and wealth.  Each Guanyin figure represents a different significance – Guanyin with a vase means endless blessing, Guanying holding the prayer beads represents compassion, Guanyin with lotus bloom symbolizes peace, and Guanyin with mantra scroll implies wisdom of enlightenment. 

What’s Available at Nirvana Memorial Park Klang?

nirvana klang columbarium


Buddhist/Taoist Zone
◾️ Single Burial Plot (6×8 / 108 sq ft)
◾️ Double Burial Plot (12×18 / 216 sq ft)
◾️ Family Burial Plot (Majestic) up to 8 pax
◾️ Royal Family Burial Plot (Royal) up to 32 pax

Christian/Catholic Zone
◾️ Single Burial Plot (6×8 / 108 sq ft)
◾️ Double Burial Plot (12×18 / 216 sq ft)
◾️ Family Burial Plot


◾️ Gratitude Suite (Completed & Future Expansion/Enhancement)
◾️ Hall A – (Main Temple) – Open-Air with majestic views
◾️ Hall B (Main Temple) – Air-Conditioned Rooms


◾️ Ancestral Tablets (future)

nirvana klang gratitude suite columbarium
Gratitude Suite’s future enhancement & expansion

Nirvana Klang Master Plan & Layout

Below is the master plan for Nirvana Memorial Park Klang. Burial land zones are being launched progressively, so earlier launches are usually sold out or with limited availability. As burial lands are limited, drop us an inquiry if you are keen.

nirvana memorial park klang master plan

Nirvana Klang Location

nirvana klang location map |

Nirvana Memorial Park Klang is a tranquil and serene memorial park in the outskirts of the city, yet still easily accessible within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Choosing a tranquil and peaceful environment blessed with good feng shui elements makes Nirvana Klang a great choice. With a variety of options for Buddhist/Taoist, Christian/Catholic, and religion-free or Atheist, you can choose from burial land or columbariums. Nirvana’s easy installment plan (for pre-planning only) makes it easy to purchase a burial land or columbarium at Nirvana Memorial Park Klang. No loans or locking up your credit card limit. Speak to us about your funeral planning needs and we will assist.

If you are keen on other locations, check out Nirvana Semenyih, Nirvana Memorial Gardens Semenyih, Nirvana Shah Alam or Nirvana Kuala Lumpur

Let us arrange a personalized visit to Nirvana Memorial Park, Klang for you. Drop us an inquiry and we will reach out.

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