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Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

Nirvana Memorial Garden is an extension of Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih. The two are often referred to as Nirvana Semenyih, however, both have separate entrances with an internal connecting road. For details on the connectivity of both, refer to the map below. From the map, you can see that Nirvana Memorial Garden is on the right side while Nirvana Memorial Park is on the left side.

nirvana memorial park semenyih map and masterplan

Nirvana Memorial Garden has its own multi-purpose complex that houses the Da Ba Gong Temple, cafeteria, office, and other conveniences. There are a few differences that sets this apart from the latter.

The founding of Nirvana has since then changed the landscape of bereavement services and final resting places.  Now, families can choose to have professionally managed, well-kept, and aesthetically pleasant final resting places for their loved ones.

Key Features of Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih

nirvana memorial garden semenyih

Christian Memorial Garden

The Christian Memorial Garden is unique to Nirvana Memorial Garden with burial land and columbarium designed for those of Christian and Catholic faith. Zones within the Christian Memorial Gardens uses biblical names – Matthew, Jacob, Joshua, and Benjamin.

Burial Land for Buddhist/Taoist Religion

There is a variety of burial land for those of the Buddhist and Taoist religion – single burial plot, double burial plot, family plot, and larger family plots in zones NV Imperial, NV Emperor, and The Royal.

Pre-planning the purchase of burial plots and the erection of pre-need tombs are believed to help promote longevity and health, passing down blessings of prosperity upon posterity. For consultancy, send us an inquiry.

Choice of Columbarium

The Oriental Villa Columbarium is a must-see attraction. Traditional Chinese architecture adorns the buildings built alongside man-made waterways that add a touch of the ancient Chinese village. Each of the structures houses niches of various designs and themes – they are open-air and not air-conditioned, unlike Nirvana Center Kuala Lumpur – to take advantage of the tranquil and natural surroundings. Also within the area is the Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery – which is a star attraction in the Nirvana Memorial Garden.

There is also the Ji Le Dian columbarium, a 2-storey building that features a modern look & feels to cater to those who may prefer a less traditional look.

nirvana memorial garden semenyih
nirvana memorial garden semenyih multi purpose complex temple

Multi-Purpose Complex

Within the compound is the multi-purpose complex which is also the main hub of activity within the Nirvana Memorial Garden. The multi-purpose complex houses the Three-Deity Temple, office, cafeteria, a relax zone and more. For most, this building is a must-stop before proceeding to the respective zones.

Excellent Feng Shui

Similar to the neighboring Nirvana Memorial Park, Nirvana Memorial Gardens enjoys the same feng shui elements. The powerful Feng Shui elements present is perfect for descendants to reap good fortune, prosperity, abundance, and blessings from their ancestors.  The combination of five elements comprising Dragon, Mountain, Water, Sand, and Direction is key in determining the geomancy powers of the “Raising Dragon to the Sky”. 

Sheng Ji / Living Tomb (NV Seed)

Sheng Ji / Zhong Sheng Ji / Living Tomb is a Feng Shui technique popular among Taoist believers. The mandarin term “Zhong Sheng Ji” literally means planting (or propagate or cultivate) a foundation for your destiny. This is uniquely (currently) available only in Nirvana Memorial Garden. As this should be practiced in secrecy, it is rarely discussed in the open among those who are using it. This is common among those who would like to improve their destiny, better their career, wealth, and fortune, improve their health and longevity, improve luck, improve general physical stamina and mental health, and more. Drop us an inquiry if you are keen to know more about Sheng Ji for you or your family. We will have a confidential discussion with you, and you can be assured that your privacy is our utmost priority.

nirvana memorial garden semenyih sheng ji
nirvana memorial garden semenyih landscape

Perpetual Maintenance Fund

Nirvana maintains a perpetual maintenance trust fund to ensure that Nirvana Memorial Garden’s building, facilities, and burial grounds are kept in good condition perpetually. This includes the general cleanliness of the memorial park and amenities, landscaping, and 24-hour security.  The prices of all Nirvana’s burial plot or niches (in a columbarium) includes a small fee of the perpetual maintenance fund for the upkeep of these properties.

Over 30 Years Track Record in End-to-End Bereavement Services

Nirvana has both experience and expertise in managing end-to-end bereavement services.  Nirvana currently has many memorial parks and columbariums under its belt – among worth mentioning are Nirvana Kuala Lumpur (NCKL), Nirvana Sungai Besi (Funeral Parlour & HQ), Nirvana Shah AlamNirvana Klang, and more in other states including but not limited to Penang, Johor, Sabah, etc.

What’s Available at Nirvana Memorial Garden?

nirvana memorial garden semenyih oriental villa


◾️ Oriental Villa
◾️ Ji Le Dian
◾️ Christian Columbarium – Limited Availability


◾️ Single Burial Plot
◾️ Double Burial Plot
◾️ Family Burial Plot – NV Majestic
◾️ Premium Family Burial Plot – NV Imperial
◾️ Ultra-Premium Family Burial Plot – NV Emperor & The Royal


◾️ Sheng Ji / Living Tomb / NV Seed
◾️ Ancestral Tablets

All the above products/services’ availability is based on a first-come-first-serve basis and is subject to final confirmation from Nirvana Asia Ltd. Book a viewing of Nirvana Kuala Lumpur with us. Drop an inquiry via phone/Whatsapp/email below and we will be in touch.

Nirvana Memorial Garden is an ultra-modern memorial park in Semenyih. Easily accessible via expressways and major roads, the memorial park is a great choice for those who are living in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan. The Oriental Villa is a popular spot for photography and videography as it depicts an ancient traditional Chinese setting. Burial plots come in a variety of sizes to suit different preferences. There is an easy installment plan (for pre-planning only) so you can get a zero-interest installment plan without the need to apply for a loan or lock up your credit card limit. Drop an inquiry and more details will be provided, with no obligation.

Let us arrange a personalized visit to Nirvana Memorial Garden for you. Drop us an inquiry and we will reach out.

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