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nirvana memorial park ijok

Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok

Located in Ijok, Kuala Selangor, Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok is the latest addition to Nirvana’s memorial parks in the Central region of Selangor. This is the first memorial park in Malaysia with contemporary aesthetics and thematic landscaping covering 150 acres of lush land. As a final resting place, Nirvana Ijok offers a range of columbarium and burial lands as an eternal resting place for loved ones.

Get a sneak preview of the burial land and new columbarium in Nirvana Ijok. Drop an enquiry for pre-launch prices.

nirvana memorial park ijok |

Below is the promotional launch video of Nirvana Ijok.
(The video is in Mandarin, with subtitles in English)

Key Features of Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok

nirvana ijok tranquil view

Superb Feng Shui Elements

Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok is blessed with a land that is shaped like a treasure basin, an excellent Feng Shui element. The 150-acre land is surrounded by mountains, being protected from the wind and perfect for Qi accumulation.

Peaceful & Tranquil Environment

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Nirvana Ijok is surrounded by beautiful greenery and view. As you enter the compound of the memorial park, you will be greeted with the tranquil and beautiful divine realm that makes you feel restful and comfortable. Situated in Ijok, Kuala Selangor, it is a short drive from Puncak Alam, Rawang, Sungai Buloh, Paya Jaras, Bandar Sri Coalfields, Batu Arang, and surrounding areas.

Burial Land

As with all Nirvana memorial parks, burial lands for different faiths are available in separate zones. Burial land available in Nirvana Ijok includes single burial plots, double burial plots, family burial plots, and royal family burial plots.

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nirvana memorial park ijok columbarium


There are different zones or rooms for Buddhist/Taoist and Christian/Catholic (future launch) columbariums. Each has design elements of different faiths. Columbariums are now open for early booking at a very good value.

Perpetual Maintenance Fund

Nirvana maintains a perpetual maintenance trust fund to ensure that Nirvana Memorial Park Klang’s building, facilities, and burial grounds are kept in good condition perpetually. This includes the general cleanliness of the memorial park and amenities, landscaping, and 24-hour security.  The prices of all Nirvana’s burial plot or niches (in a columbarium) includes a small fee of the perpetual maintenance fund for the upkeep of these properties.

Over 30 Years Track of Record in End-To-End Bereavement Services

Nirvana has both experience and expertise in managing end-to-end bereavement services. Nirvana’s first memorial park in Semenyih which was built 30 years ago has set a benchmark in bereavement services. Nirvana Semenyih has immaculate upkeep and has since grown into the largest memorial park in Asia. Nirvana has proven its ability to manage and maintain its properties with a proven track record from all its previous memorial parks and columbarium.

celestial ascension pagoda nirvana ijok

8 Major Attractions of Nirvana Ijok

  • Unique Main Entrance Arch – A contemporary design with a flair of ancient Chinese design of hallowed designs of stacked and interlaced “ruyi” carvings, it symbolizes blessings for everyone who passes through it.
  • Oriental Water Sanctuary – Features The Seventh Heaven with cascading waterfalls and long curved bridges that is a truly magnificent sight
  • Celestial Ascencion Pagoda – A radiant structure in hues of gold and copper, this is a sacred building to perform the ascension ceremony.
  • Spring Blossom Street – A 350-meter long street with beautiful Tecuma pink blooms (looks somewhat like Sakura flowers) that is enchanting to stroll through, emitting warmth and love.
  • Drifting Cloud Pavillion – The highest point of the memorial park – the residence of divinities
  • Crematorium – A purpose build building with an architectural design that conveys the spirit of contemporary minimalism with a strong essence of Zen that silently expresses the serenity of life. Surrounded by greenery, a stone garden, and a lotus pond for a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Chinese Calligraphy Stone Gallery – One of the most beautiful features in the memorial park with stone inscriptions that bring visitors closer to history and culture.
  • The Auspicious Dragon Tortoise – Set on the highest plateaus of the park overlooking the land, bestowing it with blessings of prosperity. The incarnation of the divine dragon and sacred tortoise, the Dragon Tortoise is a mythical creature that wards off negative influences while absorbing spiritual energies of the cosmos, mountains, and rivers to welcome wealth, good fortune, and bestows blessings of longevity.

What’s Available at Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok?


Buddhist/Taoist Zone
◾️ Single Burial Plot
◾️ Double Burial Plot
◾️ Family Burial Plot
◾️ Royal Family Burial Plot
Christian/Catholic Zone (future)
◾️ Single Burial Plot
◾️ Double Burial Plot
◾️ Family Burial Plot


◾️ Newly launched niches in columbariums (please inquire for more info)

Nirvana Ijok Image Gallery

Below are the artist’s impressions of Nirvana Ijok.
All images are for references only and are not part of the final sales agreement.

nirvana ijok main entrance archway
nirvana ijok columbarium
celestial ascension pagoda building ijok
columbarium at nirvana ijok

Nirvana Ijok Progress

Nirvana Ijok Site Progress
Nirvana Ijok Progress as at 17 Sept 2022

Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok is a tranquil and serene memorial park in the outskirts of the city, yet still easily accessible within Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Choosing a tranquil and peaceful environment blessed with good feng shui elements makes Nirvana Ijok an ideal choice. With a variety of options for Buddhist/Taoist, Christian/Catholic, and religion-free or Atheist, you can choose from burial land or columbariums. Nirvana’s easy installment plan (for pre-planning only) makes it easy to purchase a burial land or columbarium at Nirvana Ijok. No loans or locking up your credit card limit. Speak to us about your funeral planning needs and we will assist.

If you are keen on other similar nearby locations, check out Nirvana Klang or Nirvana Shah Alam. Alternatively, consider the KL city’s prestigious columbarium at Nirvana Kuala Lumpur

Location of Nirvana Ijok

location map of nirvana ijok

Let us arrange a personalized visit to Nirvana Memorial Park Ijok for you. Drop us an inquiry and we will reach out.

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