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Nirvana Tomb Package

Royal Family Tomb Design

When should I start to build the Tombstone?

I am sharing in the context of Nirvana and also based on what I see, hear and experience. There are two parts for those who opt for burial. Follow our Chinese tradition, when the person passed away, the body should go back to the ground. For a burial, of course, we need the first part, which is the burial land. There are many sizes available in our memorial park, from the smallest to cater for single pax, bigger land to cater for double, or some prefer to go for a family lot, and there is another group that goes for a royal family lot with big land.

You can see the burial land is just like a normal piece of land people buy to build a house. It is a bare or empty land right, and it is up to the person to build the house on top of it. The building of a house is the second part, we called it the Feng Shui tomb or tombstone.

Some people will only build after the person passed away, and follow the normal practice, which needs to be within 100 days and some will do it much earlier while the person still around. I will share more on this later on.

Tombstone or Feng Shui Tomb

In today sharing, I am going to share the second part which is on the building of the tombstone. In Nirvana, we have our own Feng Shui tomb department for each site that in-charged of the design and building of tombstones. Yes, we do not allow an external contractor and it is a must to come to our Feng Shui tomb department. One of the main reasons is so that we can control the quality, overall design and as an in-house department, we will definitely take care of the land next to the ones that we are going to build the tombstone.

For single lot and double lot land, there will be 2 to 3 designs with different materials to choose from. For family lot and above like royal family, as the land is much bigger, so you can discuss the design together with one of our colleague from the tomb department. Based on the material, design and how many will occupy the land in the future, they will give you a custom quotation.

How much to build the tombstone?

Double Lot Design for NV-Q in Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

For single and double lots, generally, the cost is about 80% or more from the burial land price. It depends on which design and material that you choose. Example as in the image above, double lot above in NV-Q based on G654 material, it is approx. RM 54,800 as at writing.

For a family lot that can occupy 8 pax, recently I got 1 customer, the design is for 4 pax occupancy, the costs of the building is about RM 160K+.

For royal family lot, which can occupy up to 32 pax or more, the building of the tombstone depends again on the custom design, materials and no. of pax. which can easily cost RM 1 million and above.

For those that only build the tombstone after the person passed away, the family member has to give the full payment in a lump sum.

Another alternative is to start the tombstone building now before the person passed away. The main benefit is cost-saving, as today price will definitely be cheaper than in the future. Assume today it is RM 54,800 for a double lot, in 10 years, 20 years or 30 years later, it will not be this price due to inflation. So why not lock in the price today?

As long as the burial land is fully settled, then you can start the pre-planning for the tombstone. If you believe in Sheng Ji, building the tombstone in advance will give you benefits, as you will get the good Qi from the environment. You just have to engage a yin Feng Shui sifu in doing the Sheng Ji process.

For pre-planning, there is also an interest-free instalment plan available. Why not right, to start today?

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