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Latest Promotion
Funeral Services, Columbarium & Burial Land
(Central Region)

Latest promotion and prices on Nirvana’s products and services including Nirvana Life Planning (NLP) funeral services, Columbarium and Burial Land in the Central Region (covering Kuala Lumpur and Selangor). The pricing and promotion are updated regularly. For more information and clarification, drop me a note on WhatsApp or email me and I will revert soonest.


Nirvana Life PlanInstant Case (RM) Pre-Planning (RM) Religion
NV Harmony18,80017,180Buddhist & Taoism*
NV Elegant30,70025,480Buddhist & Taoism
NV Elegant Plus35,80028,800Buddhist & Taoism. FREE up to 6 GHR units.
NV Honour43,70032,780Buddhist & Taoism
NV Gracious21,70016,280Christian, Catholic
NV Blessing14,70012,780Christian, Catholic
NV Memory24,80018,800Religion-Free, Soka Gakkai, I-Kuan Tao, Sri Lanka, Vajrayana, Bahai. FREE up to 4 GHR units.
Instant saving for pre-planning plus extra covid rebate* for this month’s promotion and interest-free installment plan option available for pre-planning.


Nirvana SiteTypestarting Price fromReligion
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL)SingleRM 12,300 Buddhist/Taoism
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL)DoubleRM 21,800 Buddhist/Taoism
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL) FamilyRM 318,000 Buddhist/Taoism
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL) Single RM 22,300 Christian/Catholic
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL) Double RM 40,800 Christian/Catholic
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL) Single RM 16,300Free Thinker
Kuala Lumpur (NCKL) Double RM 32,800 Free Thinker
KlangSingleRM 12,800Buddhist/Taoism
KlangDoubleRM 14,800 Buddhist/Taoism
KlangDuplexRM 96,800 Buddhist/Taoism
Shah AlamSingleRM 15,300 Buddhist/Taoism
Shah AlamDoubleRM 20,800 Buddhist/Taoism
Shah Alam Single RM 15,300 Christian/Catholic
Shah Alam Double RM 25,800 Christian/Catholic
SemenyihSingleRM 13,300 Buddhist/Taoism
SemenyihDoubleRM 20,800 Buddhist/Taoism
Semenyih Single RM 12,180 Christian/Catholic
Semenyih Double RM 20,800 Christian/Catholic
Extra covid rebate 10%, 15%, and 25% for this month’s promotion and interest-free instalment plan option available for pre-planning. Selected products up to 50%.


Nirvana SiteTypestarting Price fromReligion
KlangSingleRM 33,300 Buddhist/Taoism
KlangDoubleRM 57,200 Buddhist/Taoism
KlangFamilyRM 278,800 Buddhist/Taoism
KlangRoyalRM 1.7 million Buddhist/Taoism
Klang SingleRM 19,300Christian/Catholic
Klang DoubleRM 39,200 Christian/Catholic
KlangFamilyRM 194,800 Christian/Catholic
Shah AlamSingleRM 32,500
Shah AlamDoubleRM 64,000
Shah AlamFamilyRM 269,400
Semenyih Single RM 31,300 Buddhist/Taoism
Semenyih Double RM 56,000 Buddhist/Taoism
Semenyih Family RM 252,800 Buddhist/Taoism
Semenyih RoyalRM 1.1 million Buddhist/Taoism
SemenyihSingleRM 34,800 Christian/Catholic
SemenyihDoubleRM 68,800 Christian/Catholic
SemenyihFamilyRM 155,800 Christian/Catholic
Extra covid rebate 10%, 15%, and 25% for this month’s promotion and interest-free instalment plan option available for pre-planning.


Selected purchases of Nirvana product qualify for Golden Harvest Rewards (for a limited time, and while it is still available) which is 100% risk-free as it is given to you for FREE, get up to 300% returns over 30 years PLUS the program is managed by RHB Trustees who will be making the yearly payout for next 30 years. Each unit of GHR is an estimated value of RM20,000 in 30 years period! Get these units ABSOLUTELY FREE with your Nirvana product purchase.  Contact us and we’ll share with you more details. Terms & Conditions apply.

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* NOTE: All prices are indicative and subject to availability. Please refer to us for the latest availability & prices. Should any dispute occur, the final price is as per official prices by Nirvana Asia Ltd.

** NOTE: Figures provided are merely an estimation and do not represent the actual bonus payout. All returns are not guaranteed.

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