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Taoist Funeral Service by Nirvana

Comprehensive funeral services or bereavement services for Taoist religion that covers initial consultancy, transportation from home/hospital to wake location, funeral wake ceremony, cremation (if applicable), and transportation of hearse to final resting home.

Nirvana funeral services are end-to-end services that provide family members peace of mind with all aspects of the memorial service taken care of. The Nirvana team will provide you with consultation on Taoism tradition and culture, and will give you the flexibility to decide if you would like to make any changes to the memorial service.

What is covered in Taoist Funeral Services

✔️Initial consultation
✔️24-Hour careline
✔️Embalmment handling & encoffinment service
✔️Preparation of memorial ceremony
✔️Coordination of funeral service & memorial ceremony
✔️Funeral procession service

Initial Consultation

With years of experience in funeral planning, we will provide you with in-depth consultation on all your Taoist funeral service requirements. You will be provided with the information you require to make an informed decision. To assist you in the planning, we will run through a checklist to narrow down your requirements and to start the preparations.

24-Hour Careline

Nirvana provides a 24-Hour Careline so that you have a reliable form of contact at all times. In times of need, you would want a hotline to call irrespective of whether it is a Public Holiday or a weekend. In the event of demise, you will be able to immediately make a phone call for urgent attention. This gives you peace of mind knowing that a reliable company will be able to provide you assistance in your time of need.

Embalmment Handling & Encoffinment Service

The Nirvana team will assist you in death reporting and obtaining burial clearance or permit (whichever applicable) – which is not something you would want to do when the uneventful happens. The team will also secure the release of the deceased and provide decedent care (embalming, dry ice, and make-up). Caskets are provided for both burial and cremation and options for upgrade are available. Cremation services are also provided for those who opt for it which includes cremation, retrieval of ashes, and urn for placement of ashes.

Memorial Ceremony

As with most urban folks who are not familiar with Taoist funeral rites* (only cover for selected dialects), the Nirvana Service Consultant will assist in providing you with advisory and consultancy. You will be given a brief of what to expect and you are able to inform of your wishes for changes where needed. The bereaved family can rest assured that all preparation for the memorial ceremony will be fully covered, and will not require you to do any leg work. For funeral wake at home, the use of canopy, hanging fans, light, table with table cloth, plastic chairs will be provided. Direction placards and lanterns will also be provided to guide those who are paying last respects to the funeral wake at home. For the funeral wake at the Nirvana Memorial Parlour (Funeral Parlour), all the necessary furniture will be provided. Included is the use of the altar, tabletop floral decor, use of condolences box, and memorial record book.

Coordination of Funeral Service

We want to make sure that your funeral service is conducted according to Taoism rites and rituals and thus there will be a professional consultation and support team to assist you throughout the funeral service. Provided will also be wake service worker (number and time will be listed in the contract), Taoist prayers (total nights to be listed in the contract), offerings for the deceased, joss stick and prayer materials (as required), handcrafted paper models with decorative lights, confectionery gifts, drinking water and peanuts. Each of the above-mentioned items will be listed in full detail (including quantity, type, and total where required) in the contract and is legally binding for full transparency and disclosure.

Funeral Procession Service

Finally, for the funeral procession service, the team will run through the day’s itinerary with the family members and coordinate the ceremony that leads towards the sealing of the casket. Provided will be the funeral day offering to the deceased, a service team for the funeral procession, and the use of a hearse. Additional services are included for different packages – so if you don’t see what you have in mind, let us know and we will clarify the details for you. Alternatively, check out the various packages listed below for full package details.

Nirvana Taoist Funeral Packages

If you already have a rough idea of the requirements, we are able to provide you with consultancy on which package will suit your requirements. Simply contact us and we will get in touch. However, if you are keen to explore on your own prior to reaching out, we have provided all the information you need at the below links.

Taoist* Funeral Package from Nirvana

NV Honour | Funeral Service Package

NV Honour (A)

  • Premium Package
  • 3 Days 2 Nights Wake Service
  • Home / Funeral Parlor
  • Cremation / Burial
  • Immediate Use Price
  • Pre-Planning Discounts
  • Interest-Free Installment
NV Elegant Plus | Funeral Planning Malaysia

NV Elegant Plus

  • Standard Package with Upgrades
  • 3 Days 2 Nights Wake Service
  • Home / Funeral Parlor
  • Cremation / Burial
  • Immediate Use Price
  • Pre-Planning Discounts 
  • Interest-Free Installment
NV Elegant | Buddhism Funeral Wake

NV Elegant (A)

  • Standard Package
  • 3 Days 2 Nights Wake Service
  • Home / Funeral Parlor
  • Cremation / Burial
  • Immediate Use Price
  • Pre-Planning Discounts 
  • Interest-Free Installment
NV Harmony | Funeral Service for Taoism and Buddhism

NV Harmony

  • Basic Package, more suitable for Buddhist
  • 3 Days 2 NIghts Wake Service
  • Home / Funeral Parlor
  • Cremation / Burial
  • Immediate Use Price
  • Pre-Planning DIscounts
  • Interest-Free Installment

Planning Ahead with Nirvana Funeral Service Packages and Its Benefits:

  • Whatever your religious affiliation, Nirvana has the right expertise and experience to advise and manage it for you. Available for Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic & Atheist (Free Thinker or Non-Religious)
  • Comprehensive and complete funeral wake and ceremony service. Leaving you with peace of mind and space to grieve and be with your family.
  • Can be tailored for different cultures, traditions, and religious rites as preferred – speak to our Funeral Director for assistance. Being in the business for a few decades, Nirvana is equipped with experience in managing your requirements.
  • Handled by professionals – a Nirvana support team will be available for you to consult and seek advice from if you need clarification on any of the funeral service ceremonies. The team is experienced in managing the funeral service of all faiths – so you can be assured that everything will be in good hands.
  • Transparent and fixed prices – Be assured that the prices are transparent and are not hiked up by any third party. You will be making payment directly to Nirvana itself and all contracts you sign are legally binding.
  • Hedge against inflation and future price hikes – Buying today means securing today’s prices for future use. Lock-in the prices today for savings.
  • Choice of Nirvana Memorial Parlour or at home – We understand that the flexibility to choose your location of choice is important. Nirvana funeral service covers both our parlor and also for wake service at home.
  • Future planning – For those who want to lock in today’s prices, future planning gives you the opportunity to do so. You can also avail of massive savings with “pre-need” prices, which are way much cheaper than “as-need” prices.
  • Immediate Use – For those who need to use the package immediately, the prices are as listed in the brochure.
  • 24-Hour Careline that assists you in times of need. You can have peace of mind knowing that there is someone at the end of the line to assist during difficult times.

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