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What To Do When Someone Passes Away

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The below are the suggested steps to do when someone (non-muslim) passed away.

Step 1 : Contact our agents or call our hotline

If already have a Nirvana Life Planning package (formerly known as NV Funeral Service Package), they can contact either the service agent or service representative.

If you yet to have any funeral service packages, then contact us now so we can assist.

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Our agents and service representatives are ready to lend their assistance and guide you on what needs to be done.

Step 2 : Planning the funeral

Ensure if there is already a pre-plan in place. Speak with our service representatives on our Nirvana Life Plans (NLPs or formerly know as FSP) if there isn’t, or you can choose to custom plan the funeral ceremony. In central KL, it is pretty standard to have it for 3 days 2 nights of funeral ceremoney.

Step 3 : Go for Burial or Cremation

Consider between the options of burial and cremation. There is no best option, it is what suits your needs and the deceased. At this time, you can try to recall if the deceased has any specified preferences and based on the allocation budget.

Step 4 : Choose the final resting place that suit your needs

Speak to our service representative if you are unsure about this matter. Nirvana manages multiple private landscaped memorial parks across the region that will suit every need. In the central region, we have beautiful memorial parks in Semenyih, Klang, Shah Alam, and Kuala Lumpur.

Step 5 : Focus on what matters to you and family

You may spend your time on what matters most important – grieving, saying your goodbyes, and importantly healing. Our professional team and service consultant will advise and arrange all the necessary to have a funeral ceremony for the deceased.

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