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Why do you plan for your vacation?

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Can you recall your last vacation to your dream holiday, how long in advance you start to plan for it? Most of us, we will start at least plan for the flight ticket and hotel stays at least few months to 1 year ahead. One of the main reason is so we can get cheaper air tickets and hotel stay as last minute booking it will costs much more. Are you the same as most of us?

Not only that, some of us even choose or pre-book the seat in the flight in advance. Like me, I will always prefer to book a windows seat for my wife as she like to take photo of the nice blue skies. And it is quite amaze during landing to be able to see the view of cities around the airport. And if for super long journey flight, I personally prefer the aishe seat so it is easier to go to the washroom.

Window Seat in the plane

Do you know that, all the concept that we have been talking above does apply the same in our final journey pre-planning.


Yes, if we are going to pre-planning our final journey party (funeral service) and final home, we can save thousands of Ringgit. And the funny things is that the thousands of Ringgit saving can then use to fund our next vacation.

In life, people always said two things are certain which are 1) TAX 2) DEATH

Don’t you agree that all of us will leave this world some day, the real question now is whether we want to leave behind love and legacy, or leave behind debts for our love one to bear. There is no right or wrong here, it is about which one serve us and our love one the best.

In Nirvana, we do helping people to pre-plan their final journey depends on their budget allocation for it. The best part is, it is a secret, what’s that? We do offer interest-free instalment plan up to 60 months depends on which products. And up to 25% of pre-planning special rebate!

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