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Urn Burial Plot

For people that preferred cremation and also burial, we have a solution for you. It is called Urn Burial Plot. After the cremation, ashes will be kept in the urn. Instead of internment into a niche in a columbarium, it will be internment into a burial plot. The land size will be smaller compare to the normal burial plot, as it only required space for the urn and tombstone.

Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih Urn Burial Plot

Nirvana Memorial Garden

In Nirvana Memorial Garden, we have Zone Benjamin (Christian/Catholic) for urn burial plots.

Shah Alam Memorial Park Urn Burial Plot

Shah Alam Memorial Park Urn Burial Plots

In Shah Alam Memorial Park, we have allocated Zone D as the urn burial plot. It is the largest burial plot for cinenary urns in Malaysia to cater for people that would like to opt for a traditional burial.

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